Your property, our priority,
your peace of mind.

You’ve invested in a house, duplex, condo or apartment building, and you need support renting it out – we’re here to help. From advertising the property to hiring building managers, we tend to every detail, so you can relax knowing your property is in safe, experienced hands.

Our Residential Services

  • Market the space online and in print
  • Show prospective tenants the space
  • Screen all prospective tenants
  • Conduct reference and credit checks
  • Prepare rental agreements
  • Collect security deposits
  • Coordinate and supervise repairs
  • Submit monthly financial statements
  • Respond to emergencies
  • …and much, much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I lose control of my property once Brown Bros. starts to manage it?

No. We take our instruction from you. You set the ground rules and parameters as far as authority for expenditures.

Does Brown Bros. automatically insure my property when it is being managed?

No. You may maintain your own insurance broker. At your request, Brown Bros. will negotiate for you and provide competitive quotes.

What happens when a tenant doesn't pay the rent?

Brown Bros. will take all the legal steps to enforce payment, including evicting the tenant, subject to the Residential Tenancy Act of BC. Brown Bros., will attend all arbitrations on your behalf.

What type of management options does Brown Bros. offer?

Brown Bros. offers full-time management and tenant placement options.

If all I need is to find a tenant, will Brown Bros. do this without having me sign a full management contract?

Yes, we offer one-off management options, including: finding and interviewing potential tenants, running credit checks, and setting up the file for you. The fee is half of the first month’s rent, along with the cost of advertising and credit checks, where applicable.

If my property or suite is vacant, do I still pay a fee?

No. Brown Bros. receives a fee based on the amount of rent paid by the tenant. If the unit is unoccupied, no fee is payable unless other services are required (e.g., insurance inspections).

Does Brown Bros manage furnished or “short-term” rentals?

No. Brown Bros. does not manage furnished or short-term rentals.

If my property is managed by Brown Bros., will I receive preferred rates on service fees?

Yes. Brown Bros. negotiates lower bulk rates for oil, gas, waste and recycling removal, elevator maintenance, advertising and many other services. These savings are passed on to the building owner without any additional fees to the owner.