Multiple units,
one effective manager.

Strata properties can be complex and confusing. Our experienced strata property managers simplify all-things-strata, from managing the strata council’s finances to ensuring compliance with the Strata Property Act and strata corporation bylaws.

More than 3,300 strata unit owners on Vancouver Island trust our services – you can too.

Our Strata Services

  • Collect monthly strata payments
  • Pay monthly bills and expenses
  • Maintain the contingency reserve fund
  • Prepare financial statements and budgets
  • Assist the strata council with insurance
  • Coordinate meetings and agendas
  • Record and distribute meeting minutes
  • Answer owner questions
  • Respond to emergencies

Frequently Asked Questions

How many meetings are covered in the regular monthly fees?

The number of meetings attended by the property manager are negotiated with the strata council based on their need, which is then reflected in the monthly fee. The base attendance for meetings is generally six: four regular council meetings, the annual general meeting, and one special general meeting.

Do you oversee larger maintenance projects?

We are not qualified to act as a project manager or general contractor, but we can liaise between the council and any contractors to ensure that the expectations of the strata corporation are being met.

Would this be included in the monthly rate?

No, the cost would vary depending on the size of the project, level of involvement, etc. Any additional fees to be billed would be mutually agreed upon prior to the commencement of the work.

Do you provide legal support?

Through our licensing we can advise on matters pertaining to the Strata Property Act and its regulations. If a legal opinion is required, we would refer the council to a lawyer.

At what cost?

There is no additional fee for our services, but if a lawyer is contacted then the strata will be responsible for any expense incurred.

Do you offer pre-authorized payments?

Yes, we offer pre-authorized payments, which is included in the monthly fee.

Can you pay our bills online without additional charges?

Yes, we can provide this service at no additional cost.

What, if any, are the fees for dealing with special levies?

If the strata corporation approves special levies for special projects (e.g., remediation, capital improvements, etc.), these special levy payments are held in a separate bank account (as required by the Strata Property Act, SBC Chapter 43, section 108). The strata corporation will pay an additional agents fee for the collection of special levies, payment of bills, and other work related to the special project. The agents fee would be mutually agreed upon between the strata corporation and the agent.

How do you supply owners with copies of minutes from meetings?

Minutes can be circulated based on the preference of the strata corporation, the options are as follows:

  • Electronically via email
  • By regular mail
  • Through your unique online portal
  • Posting in a common area
  • Some combination of the above